Impending Disaster . . . or Just More Rain?

Wednesday, December 17, 2008
After spending a few days in anticipation for a big snow storm today, I was more than a little disappointed when it never happened. Landon says he feels mentally abused by the local weather coverage. It's true. We were so bummed we drove over to the east side for dinner, and all we saw was a lot of rain, puddles, and only a few patches of snow leftover on front lawns. I have to admit, though this second storm didn't pan out, it's been a week of slowing way down due to canceled plans, catching up (all the gifts are wrapped and all 165 of our Christmas cards were sent out!), spending time with the kids, and drinking lots of hot beverages like coffee and cocoa while watching Christmas movies with Sam during the day and Deadwood with Landon at night. I don't know whether or not this "Arctic Blast" has more snow in store for Portland, but I do know that as far as I'm concerned, the local weather coverage is like a soap opera that never quite delivers. I'm done--how about you?


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