Happy Winter Solstice

Sunday, December 21, 2008

What an introduction to the Winter Solstice. I can't think of a better way to spend this first day of winter than indoors, looking out to frosted cedars, a thick blanket of snow, and icy, bare branches. The hummingbird feeder has been refilled, lemon blueberry muffins are baking, Sam and Landon are at Custer Park sledding, Juniper is sound asleep upstairs, and I can hear our neighbor chipping ice and snow from his windshield, determined to use his 4-wheel drive to dominate Nature. As much as I would love to go sledding today, it's only 22 degrees outside, and my little Juni needs to get better as her cold has now turned into a bad cough, so I don't want her to be outside at all today. So far, with Landon home to help with the kids, I'm loving the housebound nature of this "Arctic Blast" storm. Landon went for a night-walk last night and said it was magical out there. I might get out for a night-walk tonight, but last night, I stayed indoors, drinking wine and watching Mad Men. I think I'm in love with Don Draper, but shhh! don't tell Landon!


The Cutsforth Family said...

Karli, I loved your Christmas card as well! What a great family shot! It is hard to get a picture where everyone looks good but you did it! I also love keeping up with your blog! Your pictures are always fabulous and you are a wonderful writer! Your stories make me smile and I like seeing your kiddos grow before my very eyes! Just remember what our lives were like at this time last year! You had a newborn and I was HUGE getting ready to burst. I love the one-year old stage - it keeps us very busy but they are soaking up so much information and really becoming a little person. Enjoy the snow and happy holidays!

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