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Sunday, December 14, 2008
I woke up to snow this morning, and am sitting cozy on the couch with my lap-top and a freshly brewed cup of French-press coffee. Sam is drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows, and Juniper is demanding some for herself by pointing and saying, "Nana, nana, nana," her word for food.

This morning I thought I'd share a few things, starting with a giveaway on one of my favorite blogs, Modish. The giveaway package, filled with handmade goods, is worth $724.00. Check out the giveaway, and check out Jena Coray's fabulous blog, Modish (pronounced Moe-dish), which means "stylish." It really is one of my favorite design blogs!

Wow, the snow is really beautiful. What a rare treat here in Portland.

Here's a topic I never thought I'd be discussing on this blog: fair-trade condoms. Of all the ways you can green up (no pun intended) your lifestyle, going green in the bedroom hadn't crossed my mind. Even though I make light of it here, the rubber trade is actually one that deserves some attention, and workers deserve to be paid a fair wage. Check out The Hot Rubber, your number one source for fair-trade condoms, and here's another brand from the U.K. called the French Letter linked on Green Daily, where blogger Jonathon Morgan promises that "sex is now guilt free for the first time since that whole "free love" thing back in the 60s." Think about the men and women that extract latex from rubber trees and support fair-trade when and where you can--that's all I'm saying.

If you have some time today, check out the Handmade Bazaar in NW Portland. Alicia Carrier and Summer Allen-Gibson of Bread and Honey will be selling their artwork there as well as many other crafters. Here's the flyer for the event:
handmade bazaar

Did you see this Christmas tree made from 300 plastic water bottles? It's actually quite beautiful!

Floating stairs? Yes, I love them, too.

I think Caroline Swift's holiday cookies are beautiful and what a great idea to create a setting from holiday cookies. Her winter cherry brownies look amazing and I'm sure they taste just as good! Try them out for yourself--recipes are posted along with some great pictures of her work.

That's all for now. I'm off to help Sam build a snowman, but mostly on the agenda for today: staying warm and hopefully (finally) getting to this month's book selection for book-club, which may be canceled now with the snow and freezing temperatures. Enjoy the snow, Portlanders, and don't forget to make yourself many hot, tasty beverages today.


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