Etsy Gifts: Check! Next Thing: Christmas Cards

Monday, December 08, 2008
I finally finished wrapping all the stationary and calendars I ordered from littlebrownpen on Etsy in baker's twine. I was able to avoid buying a good color printer by using a friend's, but I'm thinking after the holidays that I'd like to buy one, as I plan to make gifts this way quite a lot in the future.

It was an interesting experience tonight, putting together all those gifts. At first, I was going to head to a local pub, but they were closed, so I went to a nearby late-night coffee shop. I found their largest table, and just as I was getting started, many people started filtering in, and come to find out, it was open mic night. So there I was, with all my supplies spread across the largest table, with the open mic starting at the head of the table. Many of the people that played at the open mic sat and watched me work. I found out most of them knew each other because they'd all been unschooled. Most of them hadn't heard of Etsy. One guy wrote down the website after seeing the quality of prints and noticing my autumn blossom earrings, which I received just today from MDsparks on Etsy.

Little by little, step by step, I'm making changes to the way I do things in life, and slowly, I hope to be living sustainably and leaving a small mark on this planet, supporting my community, and teaching my children to do the same. What's funny is I don't even think about all the recycling I do anymore. It's habitual--a way of life. I've always tried to make gifts (ahh, the year I tried my hand at stained-glass) and support local business, but this year Etsy has expanded the possibilities. Actually, because of Etsy, the possibilities are endless.

Speaking of endless, does anyone know of a service that ships coffee beans to your house, sending different blends each time. I'm interested in a service that works like Netflix, where I can add blends to my queue, then rate them as I use them. I'd also like a service that works the same way for clothes, because I really dislike shopping for clothes. I find one of the main reasons I don't like shopping for clothes is there are very few stores that stock clothes that fit me well, and most aren't made well and cost a fortune! I used to like J.Crew, but a few years ago they were bought out and now you can't get a blouse for under $80.00. Right now, you can buy cami's from J.Crew for $59.99, but that's only because they are on SALE! It's really tedious, shopping for clothing. I need a service that ships me a variety of styles, you rate those, and eventually, a style is narrowed down. When you're shipped a blue v-neck sweater, for example, you could select, "send me more of or less of color, style, category, etc." This is sort of like a personal shopper, but with an online queue and a monthly payment. I'd like to be sent new things on a regular basis, not just once a year, which is how I usually shop because I put it off until I absolutely have to have new clothes. So please, if there aren't already services online that do this, could someone please make them happen? It would really make my life much better, and I'd be a happy girl indeed.


The Ferriter Family said...

Ohhh if only clothes shopping was that easy....its so hit or miss. I think you and I have about the same body shape, and I seem to like the way American Eagle jeans fit (of course JCrew as well). As for tops JCrew is the best, I usually end up buying when they have an extra 20% or 30% off sale items. Sign up for alerts on their site. If you find a coffee place or clothes site like that, let me know!! As always I enjoy your blog.

Kelli said...

I would LOVE a service like you mentioned! For coffee, or clothes, or both. I loathe buying clothes these days. Nothing ever fits me well anymore, and I hate that I buy things out of necessity, but end up disliking them. Boo.

Anonymous said...

Here, here! about the clothes shopping. The best suggestion I have is to find a site with a really good review/ratings system already in place. Some users leave very comprehensive fit reviews at (and I've found their coupons, company policies, and customer service to be very helpful). I have to admit, I wonder how many of the 5-star reviews are just the company's employees logging in and nudging up their average, but I do usually find the negative reviews pretty useful!

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