December Days

Sunday, December 07, 2008

What I wouldn't give to be looking outside to THIS instead of rain right now. I have to admit, we've been lucky to have beautiful weather most of October, November, and so far, December. But still, we get so much rain here in the Willamette Valley, especially during the winter and spring seasons, that I rarely welcome it. I would love to have a true winter season here in Portland!

My friend, Andrea, wrote a blog post today about relational gifts, which is something that I very much believe in and have striven to do for many years now. It takes a little planning, time, and thought, but the end result is so much better! This Christmas season, I'm trying to support local businesses, and making a big effort to stay away from the mall, which represents everything I dislike about Christmas--consumerism.

Make lists, be thrifty, stay organized, be creative, and don't forget to take time amidst all the busyness for holiday fun. Bundle up and go down to Pioneer Square to see the Christmas tree, take the kids to see the zoo lights, make some hot cocoa and walk Peacock Lane, attend Christmas parties, spike your nog, drive up to Mount Hood for some sledding . . . Find balance. Celebrate. Love.


Kelli said...

Hey Karli,

What lens do you use for your Nikon? I'm looking into them, but don't really have much knowledge on the subject!


Anonymous said...

We use the Nikon 18-200 VR. It's a very versatile lens, and the only lens most people will need.

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