Cleaning Up Christmas

Friday, December 26, 2008

The house is remarkably clean, organized, and back to normal. Landon went to the Portland Art Museum with his parents to view the "Wild Beauty" exhibit, so I spent the morning listening to music with Juniper while Sam was at his winter camp and taking down Christmas decorations. Our dry and brittle tree is now curbside, and I must admit, it made me sad to carry it outdoors, thinking about how this beautiful tree was cut down for a few weeks of decorations and lights. It seems sort of messed up in a way. I'm not sure how the Christmas tree tradition got started, but I think I know what my next wikipedia search will be! Anyway, I finally got my car out at 4PM this evening after spending most of the day trying to do so. The snow is slowly melting, and water is pooled up all over the place. I managed to find our storm drains and uncover them, which was not easy, considering the snow plows had really piled the snow up on top of them. I don't know what good it will do, but Sam Adams said to uncover storm drains and shovel sidewalks, and when Sam Adams speaks, I listen! Seriously, it's a good feeling now that the snow is melting, my car is out, the decorations are packed away--life is getting back to normal as much as I've loved the snow and celebrating Christmas. And by the way, now that the snow is black, I'm starting to feel like I'm trapped in a coal mine, so please, dirty snow, do melt in a hurry!


Claudia said...

I know how you feel Karli, but now that Dad and I have had a 'fake' tree for the last three or four years, I really miss all the years we had the fresh, pine smell in the house that a fresh tree brings. On the other hand I do feel good about not destroying a tree for three or four weeks every year also.

I felt the same way when I came home from church today....mounds and mounds of black, dirty, 'wrong-looking' snow. I don't like it in this state so it will be good when it has melted. It is only beautiful in it's pure state.

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