Bitter Cold

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cold air has wrapped itself around our little city, and the snow that fell on Sunday morning isn't going anywhere anytime soon. In addition, it looks like another snow storm will come through tomorrow, and maybe an ice storm on Sunday. We spent the past couple of days indoors occupying ourselves with all those projects we'd been meaning to get to all along, but have been put aside in lieu of other things. I mixed up some Plaster of Paris and Samuel made a couple of ornaments for his preschool teachers.

We messed up on a couple of them, but Sam decided to paint two tiger masks, so in the end, they weren't mistakes at all.

Fortunately last night, a sander came by, enabling Landon to drive to work and I to leave the house after two long days. I know it doesn't sound like much time, but I was dying to leave the house. I think the hard part for me was that I came down with a cold, and wasn't feeling well enough to even go for a walk. The key is to leave your house, and that in no way depends on your car--unless you aren't feeling well. I was feeling a lot better today, so with the sand, I bundled up the kids and we headed to a nearby park with lots of safe hills and Sam had a lot of fun sledding down them over and over again. I joined him for awhile, but then sat in the car with Juniper to keep her warm--it was about 24 degrees outside--much too cold for Juniper who can't run like Sam to keep warm.

As you can see, traffic was moving nicely this morning along I-5. Landon took this picture before he left for work. He went for a morning walk around the block, which he enjoyed on such a sunny, wintry morning.

I've been keeping our wild bird feeder stocked with food and another with suet, and our hummingbird feeder filled with homemade nectar. Once I got the feeders up and started observing the birds that would frequent them, I started to feel an obligation and a responsibility to them. The hummingbirds will sit and perch on the lower oak tree branches and wait for me if the nectar is frozen. And the crows! There are two that sit on the power lines outside our house and watch me through the windows. For months I've been tossing out bread scraps from the south living room window and at some point I realized that two crows started camping out, waiting and watching. I think there are only two that keep that post, although they call for all their friends when I throw out something really good like a half loaf of olive ciabatta bread that has gone stale, or freezer-burned hot dog buns. It seems all day there are little bits I throw out there with the cheerios and crumbs that end up on the floor. Here are pictures of those two crows. I was nearly able to photograph them together on the wire, but today they forced me to photograph them separately. The one on the road I think thought I was exiting the house that way to throw him some much-needed food (which I did a moment later, but please don't call me the bird woman!).

And this one waits on the wire and watches to see if what I throw out will be worth the flight down. I have to wonder how the wild birds and other creatures stay warm in this weather.

The snow and ice have meant lots of canceled plans and lots of extra time to finish up what I thought I'd be working on until Christmas. I finished our Christmas cards (all 165 of them!), wrapped all the presents that have been making their way to us from Etsy and Amazon, have been doing a little reading (our book-club was rescheduled to January, so I can leisurely read this month's selection), and have been spending lots of time with Sam and Juni

In the evenings, Landon and I have been watching Deadwood--what a great show! Now that we've nearly completed the first season, I think we're hooked! Right now, the town of Deadwood is in the midst of a smallpox epidemic, we're wondering what will become of the guy who murdered Wild Bill Hickok, and what Alma Garrett will do about her claim . . . oh, but then there's Calamity Jane--what a woman she is--and Al Swearengen, well, he holds the show all together. It's so well done, and has been the perfect way to spend these chilly evenings with Landon.


Claudia said...

You make me want to watch DEADWOOD now Karli! I will have to ask you about it on Christmas Eve.

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