Almost Like It Never Happened

Monday, December 29, 2008
Was there really a snow storm last week, or was it only a dream?

Today, after a lot of morning rain, the sun began to shine. I could have sat in the sun all afternoon, just like my pepper plant.

You would never know our neighborhood was buried in two feet of snow only last week. The experience of the snow storm really does seem to have been a dream. I wonder if it will be decades before a storm like that passes through again.

I'm off to bed early tonight--insomnia last night, in addition to Juniper, who loves to play between 3 and 5AM these days, has me feeling very sleepy.


Jeremy said...

It's amazing how it all just up and disappeared. Kind of makes it magical (to me who got to stay inside and enjoy it in spurts, like sledding). :-)

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