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Sunday, November 23, 2008
Yesterday . . .

Sam was invited to his first drop-off birthday party yesterday, and I must admit, I was a little sad when I dropped him off, knowing that this was a new experience for him, too. Sam didn't have more than a few minutes to feel unsure about the experience, however, because BJ the clown was there, and I heard the kids were in hysterics for forty-five minutes. There were pancakes with faces, too--what a great party, and Sam had such a good time.

We waited for Sam at a nearby coffee shop, Sound Grounds, where Landon used to have a Sunday afternoon gig. I haven't been there since Sam was about two years old, and now we have a daughter--I think she likes this coffee shop, too!

At one point, I sat with my lap-top out of Juniper's view so Landon could try to get her to sleep. She never did fall asleep, but she did lay down on Landon's lap for awhile, and he took a few pictures of her. Her eyes look amazing in this one. She's in a tired, mellow mood--completely relaxed and looking around.

Landon drank decaf herbal honey tea for his sore throat (he cannot have caffeine), and I enjoyed a large quad vanilla latte.

Eventually, Juniper became too fussy to stay at the coffee shop, so we drove to Laurelhurst Park as we still had an hour to kill before it was time to pick up Sam. As it turned out, Juniper fell asleep soon after being placed in her carseat, so Landon went for a walk in Laurelhurst Park alone while I hopped onto a Laurelhurst resident's wifi connection and worked on my lap-top while she slept in her carseat. While on his walk, Landon took this picture of a squirrel. He didn't notice what I instantly saw--she is pregnant. Brings back memories of being pregnant with Juniper last November, the last month of my pregnancy with her. Hope all goes well for this Mama squirrel, and that all her little babies make it through the winter.

Today . . .

I'm going to keep this short, because Landon and I are going to watch one of our Netflix tonight. All I have to say is I'm SORE! I cleaned the gutters and bagged 18 bags today, not including the leaves that went into our compost bins. A lot of work, but it was such a beautiful day that I was full of energy until I sat down tonight, and now I'm feeling much older than my nearly 32 years. Here are a few photos from my day:

Up on the ladder cleaning gutters. Landon is afraid of heights. I am afraid of heights also, but only when I'm up on a cliff or something.

The kids came outside for a couple of hours, but eventually everyone went back indoors as everyone is trying to get well right now. Sam loved the leaf piles--what kid doesn't? He had fun completely burying himself beneath the piles.

Bye, bye leaves.

My neighbor gave me this strawberry planter, which I was super happy about, because my own strawberry planter was accidentally broken by someone working on our house last year. I planted different sedums in it and placed it in one of the street-side beds. This time of year, sedums look beautiful!

Juniper woke up from her nap and joined us outside for awhile. Her hair was crazy, but I got some new barrettes for her today. Baby barrettes fall out and get misplaced quicker than you'd think! We've already gone through a package since the summer!

My Christmas cactus is in full bloom right now--always a signal that Thanksgiving is nearly here!

Sue, a woman in my book-club, gave me a cutting from her geranium, and my how beautiful it looks in the sunlight. I like how you can see through the veins on the leaves. I appreciate the little things around here. Thanks for taking this great photo, Landon!

Yes, Juniper loves Kombucha.

Still, I was outside working. I started at 11AM, and it was nearly 4PM when this photo was taken. I finally finished sometime after 5PM.

Juniper cried a few tears when she had to come inside. She wanted to be outside with her Mama!

Our pepper plants are coming along nicely--Landon spent most of the afternoon indoors with the kids, so he spent some time photographing the plants.

Finished . . . until about ten months from now, when the leaves will begin to fall again. There's only a handful of leaves still hanging onto their branches, so I think this is it for leaf cleanup this year. I'm so glad to have this chore behind me before Thanksgiving, which I am very much looking forward to.


The Ferriter Family said...

Wow Karli you do a lot outside! Thank God Chris does most of the out door choirs...Our yar is huge, so Chris bought a John Deer and a mulcher/ bagger for the back. It cut down yard work that took four hours to 2! We have a huge forest out back just waiting for leaves to eat up, thank god we don't have to bag!! I have also been able to cut back on our trash and do more recycling. Just last night I went to throw out a old tin, and Parker yelled *reduce reuse recycle!!!*. We recycled it!! Thanks for all your posts, they have been daily reads for me and now Chris is starting to enjoy an occasional read. I can't let him see you clean gutters though, he will have me on the roof in no time (Im scarred of heights).

Aviva said...

hi Karli!

Wow, I'm sure I couldn't do half of what you do, even before I got sick! :)

I did want to offer a caution about those barrettes. They are choke hazards for kids under 3 (or until they stop putting stuff in their mouths), even the ones that are marketed for babies. They can be pulled out of the hair by the child, or fall off on their own, and then go into the mouth. Many of them are easily swallowable, but they can do significant damage in both the esophagus and the intestines.

Back when Ellie was a baby, I had two different online acquaintances whose kids had to have emergency surgery because they had swallowed the cute baby barrettes. One survived, one didn't. And both moms were horribly traumatized.

I know it's rare that it would be a problem like they had, but even if it's one in a million babies (and I believe it's more than that), it's WAY too many when it's your child who suffers.

Ok, there's my safety speech and I promise never to again comment on it if you choose to continue to use barrettes. :) I was just so horrified by it all that I'm just barely now starting to allow Ellie to wear hair pretties.

Claudia said...

Wow Karli Ann!!!!! I did not ever do a third of what you do all of the time. You have far more energy than I ever did.....that is for sure! You are a good wife, mother, and neighbor!

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