Mastitis Hits Hard

Sunday, November 09, 2008
Today will go down as a day where I was more sick than I've probably been in my life. A case of infectious mastitis, the worst I've experienced to date, came on suddenly last night around 2am. It started with shivering as I was chilled to the bone, then by 6am, when I got up, I almost passed out, and had to make a leap for the couch before I hit the floor. Very dramatic, I know, but it's true. I was shaking, couldn't get warm, my fever hit 102, and my breast hurt when I'd take a breath. Touching it was out of the question, although they say nursing is one of the best things you can do, and although I did do this several times today, it was extremely painful. Tonight, it's streaked with redness and inflammation, and the early morning antibiotics Landon ran to get at 6:30am (luckily the on-call doctor was willing to do a prescription over the phone!) have brought my fever down, and helped me to feel better overall, but I still feel weak and my breast has actually become more painful and more inflamed and red. This is my fourth case of mastitis, and out of the four, this one was by far the worst. Two of the four cases I've had were non-infectious mastitis, but I had one other round of mastitis where I started coming down with flu-like symptoms, although they went away within a few hours after starting antibiotics. Hoping by tomorrow I'll be feeling much better, and that this is the last time I'll experience this awful infection.


Annagrace said...

I'm so so sorry, Karli! Let me know if there's anything you need or anything I can do or bring you. Ouch, ouch, ouch!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Karli! I'm so sorry to hear about the mastitis...boy, does that bring back memories!!! Don't forget the cold cabbage leaves, they really helped me anyway. I sure hope you feel better soon--keep nursing or expressing somehow to empty that breast, I know it hurts but you have to keep emptying it to feel better! Glad you have drugs. :-) Stefanie

Jeremy said...

That's so awful Karli. I really hope the antibiotics work to get rid it.

You poor poor thing!

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