How I'm Shopping for Christmas This Year

Sunday, November 30, 2008
ok, my bag is like an ad for Etsy
This photo from looktouch's photostream on Flickr is titled, "ok, my bag is like an ad for Etsy." What's funny is I might actually get there myself at the rate I'm going. I love pouncing, which is how I find new stores based on recent sales or recently updated stores, and "shop local" means that I can support my local community of artists by buying all my Christmas gifts this year from them instead of choosing to buy corporate. The next best thing to making gifts yourself is buying homemade gifts, and not only that, but it's yet another step towards sustainable living. Juniper's Christmas dress should be arriving next week, and is being custom sewn by a seller on Etsy. Did I mention how much I love Etsy? Because I do.


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