Saturday, November 29, 2008

We flew home today from our lovely little trip to Oakland over the Thanksgiving holiday, and I have to say that considering we have two strollers, two carseats, two kids, and a large pile of luggage when we travel, it couldn't have gone more smoothly. I'll thank my quad latte for that. I even had energy to run back to the airport after having a good dinner at home (love returning home) to surprise Mike & Susan, who had a chaotic flight schedule (Sacramento to San Francisco, 4 hour layover, then to Portland at 9PM), by picking them up at the airport so they didn't have to MAX, bus, and walk home. I like picking up people at the airport. Brings me back to my early college days, when I'd drive my little Ford Aspire to PDX regularly during holiday breaks, transporting friends to and from the airport. I must say that every time I travel I am reminded of what a great little city Portland really is. I always feel like I'm coming home--the best feeling in the world.

P.S. Today is a special day to me as I was due with Juniper on this day, November 29, last year.


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