Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Another great Thanksgiving with Landon's Mom Susan's family in Oakland, CA. Click to enlarge the photo as it's difficult to see faces otherwise. From left to right, back row first: Susan (Landon's Mom), Larry (Landon's Uncle), Sam, Landon, Janssen (Landon's younger brother), Marylou (Landon's Aunt), Ken (Marylou's husband), Danny (Landon's Uncle), Mike (Landon's Dad), Rachel (Landon's Grandmother, Sam's Great-Grandmother, & Mother of Susan and her siblings), Heather (Larry's wife), Alexis (Heather's daughter), Suzanne (Heather's mother), Aiden (Marylou and Ken's son & Landon's cousin), Sam (Landon's Grandfather, Sam & Juniper's Great-Grandfather, and Father of Susan and her siblings), Karli, Juniper, Mischa (Heather's son), and Sarah (Danny's daughter)


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