Happy 11th Months, Juniper!

Monday, November 10, 2008
I write from my home on the couch, battling the worst mastitis infection of my life. But I'd rather talk about one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me--my little girl Juniper, who just turned 11 months old today. (The other greatest thing is Sam, of course, and then Landon is in there somewhere, too).

What a big girl you've grown into by your 11 month birthday. I can hardly believe the girl in this picture is the same newborn we welcomed in our house last December.

You love the outdoors, and one of your favorite things is playing in leaves.

You like to sit in your brother's bins, especially in his car bin, and we can't quite figure out why you like to do this, as it must be terribly uncomfortable.

You've also shown an interest in art lately. Your brother doesn't seem to share your interest, just as he has never tried to wear your Mommy's purse over his left shoulder, which I've seen you do several times this past week.

Happy 11 months, Juniper! You are a constant joy to our family. You make us laugh all the time, you aren't shy about expressing yourself to people you know, yet you are quite shy around people you don't know very well or have never seen. We're looking forward to celebrating your FIRST birthday next month!


Jeremy said...

Oh happy 11 months Juniper! She is so sweet and so beautiful. And hands down the best hair ever (not that I'm biased to curly hair at all...) :-).

Claudia said...

Hey Juniper!!!! I can not believe you are going to be one year in one month!!!! Seems like we just welcomed you into the family!!
What a sweet, precious, beautiful, playful little girl.

Happy 11 month birthday!!

Much Love,

Claudia said...

Loved the way you did this one....
with the pictures of Juni-pie and all her favorite things to do!!!
That took some work~~and when you are not feeling the best right now!!
Thank-You so much for your effort and keeping up with your blog...
I so appricate it!
Much love,
Also, thank-you for the picture of Samuel that you mailed to me.
I love it!!!

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