Getting Back to Normal

Friday, November 14, 2008
What a long and challenging week it has been, but Landon and I have now come through on the other side stronger and more confident in our ability to weather tough times. We seem to balance each other out perfectly. That said, we couldn't have survived the week without Mike & Susan's (Landon's parents) help and the support of our friends.

When life becomes chaotic in ways that are outside the realm of my control, my response is to clean, clean, clean! Somehow, if I restore order to the house, it helps the rest seem less chaotic. Since driving myself home from the hospital, I've been working to set the house in order, and take care of Samuel, who's been very sick with a viral infection that led to respiratory distress, and Landon, whose back is slowly, slowly getting back to normal. And speaking of normal, check out the chubby little eleven month old above, who squirms away over and over again when she's being changed or dressed. What should take a few minutes can take quite awhile. My tricks of trying to distract her with a toy rarely work these days. Seriously, I don't think chubby babies, especially my baby, can get much cuter.

Somehow, given the difficult week we experienced around here, this sight is comforting to me--yet another sign that things are getting back to normal, and I'll take our version of normal any day over chaos.

P.S. Happy 31st Birthday, Andrea!


The Ferriter Family said...

Hey my guest bathroom is nearly the same colour!
I wish so much that I could just squeeeez those little chubby chickens (legs). She is too darn cute.
On yet another note I just smelled a juniper and lavender candle, ummm. It made me think of little Juniper, what a great name.
Glad you are feeling better!!

Claudia said...

Juniper is sooooo cute ~~ and that picture is just darling!!
So glad you are all feeling better!!

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