A Day Well Spent

Sunday, November 16, 2008
When I woke up this morning, my first thought was, "I need Landon to take care of me today," because I felt so awful from this cold that came on a couple of days ago. By the time I'd been up for about thirty minutes, however, I decided the best thing for me and everyone else would be to get outside and into the fresh air.

So with a promise from Landon to start our outing with an egg nog latte, we set off for the Portland Japanese Garden.

Samuel got off to a rough start this morning, but by the time we arrived, he was doing much better.

Looking at the colorful fall leaves.

Remarking on the koi.

The sunshine was warm and beautiful today.

But the shade of the Japanese Garden still required the kids to be bundled as it was a little chilly.

A peaceful and serene place.

Thank-you for my coat, Emma--I really like it!

We love spending extra time with Landon on the weekend.

Sam found treasures at the Japanese Garden, easy to locate thanks to this handy map.

Appreciating nature.

I took this photo--I love the leaves and the backdrop of fir tree trunks--a peaceful and beautiful place.

And a place of expression it seems, as well.

I was mystified by the leaves submerged in water.

A pool of water with a cover of fall leaves.

The moss has a peaceful aura all its own.

More leaves in water, different angle.

I liked the design of this foot bridge.

A little mushroom patch.

After touring the Japanese Garden, we stopped off at the Blue Moon Tavern and Grill, a McMenamin's pub in NW Portland, for gyros and tater tots. I brought a little entertainment to the table from the car.

It worked for awhile.

Then it was on to the entertainment provided by McMenamin's.

And eventually, Juniper insisted on having her own chair. Those restaurant high-chairs are useless! She squirms out of them every time. She won't stop making noise unless we give her a chair of her own. And so, with supervision, she gets her own chair. Just one of many ways she expresses her independence.

Later today, Sam and I gardened outside while Landon and Juniper napped. It was a gorgeous afternoon, and I was happy with the small patch of sod we removed for the many bulbs we planted in its place.

I had planned to catch up on reading tonight for my book-club, but my friend Katie messaged me last minute, and we saw Vicky Cristina Barcelona at the Bagdad, complete with pizza and beer.

Today was a great day. The perfect start to a new week, full of possibilities.


Anonymous said...

Great pics of the garden:)

Anonymous said...

I haven't been to the Japanese Garden's in ages...I'm enthused.


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