Baby Smash!

Monday, November 03, 2008

After months of keeping Juniper's hands away from the keyboard when I hold her and type away, Landon finally downloaded the genius program, Baby Smash!, and here is a look at her first time using it. For anyone out there with babies and toddlers, this program is a lot of fun, and gives babies a chance to pound on the keyboard they've been long-intrigued by. The only drawback I've found is now that Juniper has been given rights to pound on the keyboard, I can no longer hold her while I'm on the keyboard, because she's discovered how much fun the keyboard really is.

Less than 24 hours until Election Day, and my stomach is clenched with nervousness as I await the results of the election. Polls are encouraging, but are meaningless if people don't vote. So vote, people! Oregonians, it's too late to mail in your ballots--make sure you drop them off at one of the ballot drop sites before 8PM tomorrow!


Ayelet said...

Emily has been addicted to the smash for quite a while. She will point at the computer and says something that sounds like "Smash!" Ava loves it too!

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