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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Juniper seems to be taken with Landon. He is a master at getting her to sleep, and she does so well with him when I'm away. When Sam was a baby, he seemed to have a more difficult time when I was gone, but Juniper seems secure and content to be with Landon for as long as she needs to. If I'm around, however, she's a different baby--more fussy, more clingy, prefers me to Landon. However, hearing about the baby she is when I'm not around has been a huge relief to me, as I really struggled with leaving Sam with Landon, knowing that he might cry the whole time. Another thing that draws Juniper to Landon is his music. She seems to be a lot more interested in watching Landon play the fiddle or guitar than Sam has been (nothing trumps playing great white shark kills seal), and I'm still in wonder at her emerging personality.

Today Juniper and Landon spent most of the afternoon together while Sam and I headed down to McMinnville to celebrate my baby sister Shelly's 27th (27th!) birthday. We had a great time with the family, and nothing says fall more beautifully than the Yamhill valley. Sam was interested in finding gold foliage, so we looked along the way for all the gold leaves we could find in the passing trees.

And Juniper, who is still wearing her brother's old winter coat, spent an afternoon downtown with Daddy doing fun things like taking pictures, shopping for clothes, and going out for lunch and coffee. Landon and I often split up, each taking one of the kids, and we both love spending one-on-one time with them. I think it's an important part of parenting and shows them that they are loved and appreciated as individuals.

Happy 27th Birthday, Shelly! I hope you get that degree by your 29th birthday!


The Ferriter Family said...

Hey Karli, I have some really cute coats from Emma that she hardly ever wore!! Can I pass them on to you? Plus is Sam a 3 or 4?? Cause Parker is ready to pass on his Kiddorable fire man jacket.

Beetles and Bees said...

That'd be great, Tara! I'll e-mail you.

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