Women for Obama

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I attended a Women for Obama event tonight. There were about two hundred women in attendance--all there to show support for Obama! Wine, desserts, fundraising, and cute Obama t-shirts! Eggpress donated their services and, if you brought a shirt with you, they offered three cute designs from which to choose.

Thank-you, Eggpress--you guys rock!

I attended this event solo tonight as all my friends couldn't make it for one reason or another, but I'm so glad I went. I was encouraged by the turn-out, and the energy and support were great to see. It seemed I'd only just arrived, and it was time to return home to a sleeping boy, and a baby girl who was happy to see her ObamaMama. I was interested to find out whether or not Congress passed the bailout bill tonight, so Juniper had to share my attention with Anderson Cooper and 17 e-mails in my inbox, and let's just say she wasn't in the sharing mood.

Go, Obama!


Anonymous said...

Karli--that sounds like a fun event! I should've brought Emma because I think we are raising the youngest Obama supporter because she literally says "Oh Ba Ma" sometimes with a few extra Ba's or a few extra Ma's, but it's so cute! I tell ya, though, the election can't come soon enough. It's stressin' me out! GO OBAMA! --Stefanie

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