Red-Twig Dogwood

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I love the red-twig dogwood in our backyard. It's a "winter interest" perennial shrub, because the twigs turn red in the winter. This time of year, both the leaves and the twigs are red, and there are white berries. It's beautiful and one of my favorite perennials. Because its bare twigs turn such a beautiful red during the winter, it's always beautiful to look at no matter what the season, and provides a nice backdrop for any garden. Warning: it must be controlled, so practice your pruning skills on this hardy perennial. Unless you want it to go crazy, you must keep it under control by removing the sucker plants, which can be replanted, and pruning one third of the stems to the ground. This will also result in the new growth coming in a brighter red than the more mature growth. Thanks for taking such a great picture, Landon!


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