Rainy Weekend, Mostly Spent Indoors

Sunday, October 05, 2008

We got out a few times this weekend between rain showers. Went for a walk along Hawthorne one night, ate out at Toney Bento, our favorite bento and hot soup shop in Portland, and stopped at Powell's books to browse the shelves for a good read.

We did chores around the house--I got up on a ladder and cleaned out our gutters and hosed the leaves and branches from our roof. Landon, who is more afraid of heights when it comes to being on a ladder than I, watched from the ground. What's so funny is that when hiking, I've been known to freeze up in fear, literally paralyzed, from heights, but on a ladder, I'm as comfortable as I am when on the ground.

All in all, it was a nice weekend. We mostly stayed indoors doing laundry, cleaning, reading, playing, and Juniper made many messes. Her favorite thing right now is emptying drawers, cupboards, and toy bins.

My sister arrived safely in Washington, D.C. for her new job transfer. She signed a contract for fifteen weeks, so we're all wondering if she will like it enough to stay. I know we sure loved Washington when we were there in June, and I wouldn't blame her for staying if she chooses to. We'll miss her this fall, though she'll be home for Christmas. Good luck, Tracy!


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