An Evening at Kruger's Farm

Saturday, October 18, 2008
We had so much fun last year visiting the pumpkin patch at Kruger's Farm that we headed there again this afternoon, glad to see the sun shining, and looking forward to an evening full of fun on the farm. Each year, Kruger's Farm has one, sometimes several, evenings which include nighttime hayrides, live music, a huge bonfire, lots of good food, and hot coffee and cider. A little taste of rural life only minutes from our urban doorstep. We truly have the best of both worlds here in Portland, and that's one reason I love this city like I do.

I took this picture of one of the two Kruger pigs. I don't even want to think of her fate, because she looks like such a little personality in this photo. When we left the farm around 9PM, she and another pig in the pen were sleeping side by side, keeping each other warm on a chilly October night.

Me with Sam and Juniper, loving the October sunshine.

Sam found his pumpkin without too much effort.

I took this photo, because I loved the trees in the background. Sauvie Island is such a beautiful place, and one I hope to visit more next summer for biking and hiking, since next summer will be the first in awhile where I am not either pregnant or caring for a small baby.

Poor Juniper is still getting over her cold. Not long after this picture was taken, I bundled her up from head to toe.

We had fun riding on a flatbed pulled by a tractor out to the pumpkin patch. I don't know about this technically being a hayride, as there was only a small amount of loose hay, but it's no matter--to Sam, it was most definitely a hayride!

Landon, ever the devoted husband and father--we love you!

Juniper lost no time in selecting her pumpkin as well. She might be ten months old, but she knows how to pick her pumpkins.

Juniper carefully weighed her options.

Yes, it was as she had thought. This was certainly the one worth taking home.

My friend Miriam knitted this hat for Juniper, and even though it's still a bit large for her, I brought it along to keep her warm. Some of you might remember that she likes to make birdseed from bread. It's still a source of entertainment for her, though these days, she keeps some of it for herself.

A little girl in a big garden.

Canadian geese flying South for the winter overhead made me realize today that the winter months are just around the corner.

Only minutes before the sun set, we did the corn maze with Sam. In the middle of the corn maze is a platform, which we climbed. I haven't bought Juniper a winter coat yet, but I pulled one of Sam's out of a bin in the basement that he wore when he was one. It sure brings back memories putting it on Juniper, which as a second-born baby in this family is bound to have hand-me-downs, even though her older sibling is a boy, and not a girl.

Sam loved the corn maze, and after about thirty minutes, I took Juniper and headed out, but Landon followed Sam around that maze for a good hour.

And then it was time for the bonfire. Landon took some good pictures of the flames. I feel hot just looking at them. Juniper had never seen fire before, and stared transfixed on the flames. Sam, too.

Thanks to the zoom lens for getting this shot, but when I look at it, something in my brain tells me to move back, but I can't! Somehow, it makes me feel trapped too close to the burning flames.

There were hay bales all arond the fire, which burned long into the night.

Last year, they had a small building's worth of wood near the pumpkin patch, so there were nighttime hayrides to that end of the property as well. This year, they had only the one bonfire, and even though the insurance company won't insure it, Farmer Don said they still do it, because they don't want insurance companies running their lives. I love that they have a bonfire.

The look of one staring at a large fire.

Burning pallets.

After we'd had enough of the bonfire, we walked into the barn to hear the live music and eat some roasted corn. Juniper loved it, and worked on her ear for some time.

We stayed until about 9PM, but that was after getting there around 3:30. By the time I took this picture, we were nearly ready to go.

But not before letting Juniper finish that ear of corn.

It was a great October evening full of good times and good memories, and I look forward to many more years of pumpkin patches and hayrides with our family in the future.


Jeremy said...

Beautiful pictures! The bonfire looks amazing. We'll have to take the boys out there soon.

Yes... let's get together SOON!

Claudia said...

Looks like you had a great time fwith the kids!
I love all of the pictures and Samuel looks so cute with his pumpkin.
All of the pictures were great.

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