October Evening Spent in South Waterfront

Friday, October 17, 2008

I love that the South Waterfront, still in development, is so close to our own neighborhood. We went down there for dinner tonight, and afterwards, walked around and enjoyed the fresh October air and the sparkling (but not too clean) Willamette River.

I've been so sick this week, and although I'm feeling better, I still wasn't up to eating much, and started to feel a little sick again during our walk. Tuesday and Wednesday were the worst of it, but it's been a week now of feeling side effects from the virus.

But despite feeling unwell, it was a beautiful evening, and I enjoyed walking around with Landon and the kids, feeling appreciative of this beautiful city in which we live: Portland.

I want to remember Sam just like he is in this photo.
I love my little boy, and what a boy he is.


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