No More Eating Out, At Least Not for Awhile

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I'm officially done with eating out until Juniper is a little older. It's become quite the ordeal lately. She wriggles out of those restaurant highchairs, squirms and arches her back if we hold her, and reaches for everything she can get her hands on and throws it to the floor. She's getting to the age where she'll be walking any day now, and that means she only wants one thing: to be on the go, which means she wants to be on the floor. I remember 9 months to 18 months were extremely challenging with Samuel (he started walking just shy of his ten month birthday), because he was so accident-prone, yet insisted on walking everywhere. It seemed like no matter where we were, I was following him around, and even despite this, he still had lots of bruises. Then shortly after his eighteen month birthday, he was verbal. That was a nice reward. But then the tantrums started . . . and now it's the arguing--with anything and everything I say!

Me: "Sam, it's time to go!"
Sam: "No it's not!"

As for dinner tonight, we were finally able to entertain Juniper for five minutes with some rice, at which point I literally scarfed my Thai noodles down and guzzled my coconut juice. We ate out tonight because Sam has swimming lessons on Tuesday nights, and there just isn't enough time to make dinner at home.

Landon getting ready to buckle Sam into his carseat after we were finished with dinner. Oh, was I glad to be finished with dinner!

Most of the time I shop at Target, this is what happens (notice the shark swimming trunks). Just the other day a little girl was wearing the same shirt as Juniper. As for the swimming lessons, Sam seems to love it so far, so I think I'll continue to sign him up. Right now, he's a pre-goldfish. By December, he'll be an actual goldfish. Now that's progress, folks.


Annagrace said...

Juniper is so so so cute--and looks a lot like you in the last few posts (sorry--it's late so I'm just leaving the one comment but I know you'll understand...) I can't wait to see her--I can't believe her first birthday is just around the corner! Great pictures you've taken, too! Hope you're feeling better--should we try again for next week?

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