A New Season

Thursday, October 02, 2008

A week or two flies by, and before I know it, everything has turned red and orange, and we are immersed in the season of fall. Samuel keeps asking me to rake up the leaves each day to create big piles for him to jump into and hide. So far, we don't have enough leaves on the ground to make giant piles, but soon our big leaf maples and oaks will provide ample leaves for jumping and hiding. I remember this time so vividly from last year, when I was very pregnant with Juniper, and wondering how her homebirth would go, and what she would be like. Now, of course, it's difficult to imagine our lives existing apart from her. With each passing season, Sam and Juni change and grow into their personalities just a little bit more. The two of them also have a strong bond, which is unique to them as siblings, and completely different from the bonds that Landon and I have with them.


Betsy said...

Could Juniper with the phone on her shoulder be any cuter? She totally has an "Excuse me! I'm TRYING to talk here!" look on her face. Adorable!

Jeremy said...

What sweet pictures of the kids! I love Juniper's face too. She does not want to be bothered there :-). Sam looks so happy in his tree. We will have to get together soon!

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