A Nature Table for Sam, A Lot of Yelling from Miss Junipier, and New Goals in Mind

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Finally a place to put all the special little nature things that Sam finds on walks--a nature table! I have come across this idea in Waldorf books, and have been seeing beautiful pictures on blogs recently, so I finally got a few more silks, bought some wool and roving needles, and set to work at creating Sam a place to bring a little nature indoors and stimulate his imagination. I got the idea for the owl and ghosts on The Little Travelers blog (the bats we came up with on our own), which is what inspired me to finally get this going, and now that I have discovered how easy needle felting is, I plan to create all sorts of little gnomes, creatures, fruits, vegetables, and plants from the various colors of wool that I picked up at the Naked Sheep Knit Shop in N. Portland. I'm thinking of taking a felting class there so I can learn more about it. Then I will hopefully move on to something more complicated like knitting or (gasp!) sewing! My true love is gardening, so whatever new hobbies I take on, I want to make sure that I continue to have time for the ones I already enjoy. I'm starting to throw myself more and more into domestic life and sustainable and environmentally-friendly living, step by step. New goals for me are figuring out a doable system for indoor and outdoor clotheslines (I'm still looking for a blog on this!), continuing to learn and improve at cooking, and hopefully picking up some creative hobbies like sewing. I think it's so important as women with respect to the different roles we play--mothers, wives, friends, daughters, sisters--that we make time for those hobbies that are just for us. It keeps us balanced, which is foundational to everything else, and gives us the energy and focus for others, especially our families. It's so important to me that I achieve balance for myself, my family, and our home.

Having said that, today was a day of significant imbalance. Juniper yelled--yes, yelled--all day long. Sometimes it escalated into screams and tears, but most of the day it was demanding yelling. I really think she's cutting another tooth on the bottom. She has four on top and three on the bottom, and I think that second incisor on the bottom is coming in and she's feeling pretty uncomfortable. She can't sleep, she's irritable, and she yells. Poor Sam. I didn't get to spend nearly the amount of time today with him that I wanted to. The only way I could pacify Juniper was to nurse her. So I nursed and used the computer off and on today. During the few quiet moments today Sam and I made little fall paper votive holders to light up our steps for Halloween tomorrow. We also picked up some Halloween candy and carved pumpkins together after Landon was home to help with Juniper. At least some balance was achieved by the end of the day.

This post started out on the subject of nature tables. I think they are great. You can change them out as often as you like and create whatever themes your mind conjures up. Sam has already been using his imagination, telling me that "the fairy princess is guarding over the pumpkins, Mommy!" Another great thing is using the silks and figures as settings for stories that can be acted out. I plan to start doing this with Sam once Juniper stops yelling so much. Maybe tomorrow will be a quieter day around here, although I'm keeping my expectations low because of something called the sugar crash, and I know a lot of Halloween candy will be consumed by Sam tomorrow. But maybe Juniper will be a tad quieter. I hope so. Stay tuned for pictures of Sam and Juni in their adorable Halloween costumes.

I also wanted to share with you this great little tutorial by mommychick (place to go for lots of felting ideas & she has a great blog as well) on felting a pumpkin:

Hope you all have a spooky (and memorable) Halloween!


Jeremy said...

I love the nature table and those felted wools! So stinking cute. I think I'm going out today to get some so I can make this little pumpkin. Thanks for adding the video!

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