Juniper Turns 10 Months, Line Replacements

Friday, October 10, 2008
Our little girl turned ten months old today. She has six teeth, a sense of humor that always has us laughing, and loves her big brother very much! She is always chasing him around, and trying to emulate what he does. She will be walking any day now. Twice I've seen her take her hands off whatever is supporting her and stand unassisted. We also have seen her take steps by pushing a little chair that belongs to Samuel across the floor, walking as she pushes. I was doing the dishes tonight, and she put her knee up over the dishwasher door that was opened as I was loading it. This is the first time I've seen her do this, so she will be climbing up our stairs any day now.

One of the things I love about Juniper is how happy she is all the time. She often grabs my neck tightly and kisses me on my cheeks. She's always making me laugh. She's showing an understanding for language, too. Landon says he can tell by her eyes that she can understand us. The other day I noticed she was playing with two pieces of mail on the floor, and when she saw me looking at her, she started to crawl away from them towards me. I said, "Juniper, what are you playing with?" She then stopped in her tracks, crawled back to the mail, took one piece in her hands, and held it up in the air for me to see.

This is a funny story--the city of Portland is replacing power or phone lines in our neighborhood--I'm not sure which. Because our house is elevated, I was sitting in our living room with the kids today when I see a man in a bucket moving at eye level along our living room windows. I don't know why, but I grabbed the camera to take a few pictures of the project when the worker spotted me, and then he wouldn't quit staring into our living room windows! I started laughing and then I hid around the corner from him because he was making me nervous! Samuel kept saying, "Mommy, what are you DOING?"

He was installing these little brackets with wheels along the lines, which I can only assume are used to remove the old line, but I don't really know.

When he finally moved a little further down the street, I took this picture of him. I'm sure he was wondering why I was photographing him. I didn't think he'd see me with the camera, so when he did, it was a little embarrassing!

Here is a picture Landon took of the kids on a foggy morning earlier this week. You can see the little green chair on the right that we saw Juniper using as a walker. Our kids are so different, and each one adds so much to our family. Samuel reminds me a lot of myself. His personality is more thoughtful, serious. He demonstrates responsibility, and he is caring and loyal. He is an intuitive person as well. So many times he tells me what Juniper wants, and is right just about every time. These needs aren't always obvious, either. She could be crying, and he'll say, "Mommy, she doesn't want to nurse, she wants a cracker." Juniper is much more easy-going, laughs a lot, and is a happy girl. She likes to take time to play with toys in front of her for a while. I remember when Sam was her age, he was always moving, never stopping long enough to play with any one toy for more than a moment. He was active, always on the go. He'd mastered the Fulton playground by the time he was eighteen months old. I remember parents would draw in their breath as he climbed to the top to slide down the big slide unassisted, but we knew he could do it, and he always did.

I love how different the two kids are, and I always want to them to feel the freedom to express their individuality and find security in who they are. We have four very different personalities in our household, and it's a feeling of contentment, knowing our family is complete and that each member of our family contributes to our family unit in its own unique way.


Jeremy said...

Happy 10 months Juniper!!!!!

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