Halloween Gets More and More Fun With Each Passing Year

Friday, October 31, 2008
I had hoped for another foggy October morning for Halloween, but I was greeted by rain instead. Fortunately, by 1PM this afternoon, the sun arrived and the rain evaporated. By the time it grew dark, a clear fall evening had settled in. Perfect! Sam was a dragon this year, and Juniper was a sweet little bunny rabbit. We walked around our neighborhood with some of our neighborhood friends, and had a great time! I don't think I've seen Sam so happy in his 3 1/2 years. Here are some pictures from our evening this Halloween of 2008:

Never too young to know what candy is.

Homemade votive candle holders and the three pumpkins I carved with Sam.

Here's Sam's dragon costume from Sarah's Silks.

We joined the Wizard of Oz crowd for a walk around the neighborhood.

A little boy with an innocent, but important mission: to find more candy.

The good witch and the bad witch wait with Sam for a neighbor to answer the door.

Here's the trio leaving a house happy. I searched everywhere for Sam's pumpkin candy bucket, but in the end he was forced to use his sand bucket. Oh, well.

You know I'm behind the camera when you get these shots like these of Juniper, with one hand extended.

Sam with the Wizard of Oz group trick-or-treating.

I had been singing Juniper a song that she loves, and she was laughing just in time for a picture.

And then I couldn't help but laugh with her. Nothing beats the laugh of a baby.

Sam and the good witch ring the doorbell for a trick or treat.

My little rabbit at Sam's preschool Halloween party earlier this afternoon. It was a busy day.

And here's the little rabbit standing up.

I can't end this post without telling you about The Cherry Blossom Girl and the rather enchanting witch photos she posted for Halloween--check them out!

Happy Halloween!


Anonymous said...

Karli...those pics of you and Juniper are beautiful! I miss you guys! xoxo,Tracy

Jeremy said...

What adorable costumes! I love the silk dragon and that little Juniper-bunny is adorable! I love that pic of you two as well.. Beautiful!

Claudia said...

I love those pic's of you and Juniper! Juniper looked darling!!! How sweet! Samuel looked like he had a great time also!!
love you all,

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