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Friday, October 24, 2008

I found these great little buckets in the $1.00 bins at Target the other day, so I put Sam to work planting some pepper seeds . . .

which are now on the sunny south window sills of his play corner.

A day's worth of compost, ready to be taken out to the bin . . .

which is steamy and already producing a dark, rich humus for our garden.

Dinner tonight: fajitas. Simple and tasty. The right meal for the week's end.

Peppers and steak, add a little spice, and voila! dinner is ready.

A nearby garden in our neighborhood that I admire and love.

Piles of leaves freshly raked in our backyard.

A small boy digging for worms in a backyard garden bed.

A new pepper plant for the house, which makes me happy.

A new spot for treasured art, painted by my neighbor and friend, Patty, and given to me as a gift by my dear husband, Landon.

A moorfish, "Blackie" (named by Samuel), that is on the mend after a few days of water changes in his aquarium. He nearly died, but it seems as though he's going to be okay now that all is well in his little world.

A vote for Barack Obama. November 4th, please come soon.

A few things I've been thinking about lately:
  1. Waldorf for Sam next year
  2. Design ideas for garden markers and my blog
  3. A new desk for Landon's office
  4. Why I'm afraid to try my hand at sewing
  5. My new love with Etsy
  6. Nature tables
  7. Inspiration
  8. A clothesline
Now I must turn to my glass of red and October's book selection, Burning Fence by Craig Lesley.


Jeremy said...

Amazing compost (I cannot seem to get a hang of this, seriously). Beautiful artwork by your neighbor! And I like your 'thinking' list. Waldorf is wonderful, you SHOULD try sewing, I adore Etsy and can't seem to get enough, we LOVE nature tables over here, and we should talk clothesline because I want one too!

Great post Karli.

The Ferriter Family said...

Oh Waldorf is WONDERFUL...I wish we had one closer, the nearest is in Ithaca 45 min away. Ok after I read your list I thought...oh my lord did she know I had this list?? I need a new desk for the guest room for a home office for me. I LOVE Etsy. I have a bunch of vintage patterns that are just waiting for me to try. I have a larg wooden bowl full of shells, leaves, pine cones,rocks, and drift wood for the kids to tuch (nature table...). Also I just drew up a few ideas for a garden for next spring! I set up a clothes line in our basement, now I need to find clothes pins.... Good luck!!

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