A Cobweb for Halloween

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What a beautiful October afternoon today! Juniper and I spent the morning running to Target for miscellaneous household supplies, where I also picked up some cotton for Sam to make a cobweb for Halloween when he got home from preschool. Juniper and I also ran to New Seasons for a couple of sacks of groceries--spaghetti and a 3 seed baguette for dinner tonight. But back to the cotton from Target--Sam has been pretty fascinated by cobwebs in store windows for Halloween, so I thought he might enjoy a cobweb of his own in his play corner at home. Of course, once he got home and the cobweb had been spread out, he wanted me to "trap" every insect in his insect bin, so the spider at the top of the web will have lots of food for weeks to come. There's probably about twenty or so insects trapped in the web, and now he's bringing me other animals like horses, sea turtles, and snakes to trap in the web as well. I told him we can only trap actual insects, and that we have to keep the cobweb looking realistic. Now he just brought me two frogs and said, "These two frogs accidentally jumped in, so can we please put them in the cobweb, too?" I guess to Sam the trapping part is more fun than just looking at it as a decoration. Oh, three-year olds!

Now if I can only get Juniper down for a nap, Sam and I will head outdoors for a little gardening this afternoon. If only all fall days could be this beautiful . . .


Anonymous said...

Your cobweb is looking great. I too got some Halloween decoration stuffs from Target.

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