Workbooks and the End of Potty Training

Monday, October 20, 2008

I recently picked up a preschool workbook at Target for Sam, and we've been sitting down at the dining room table in the evenings to work on it together. Right now, he's working on circling things that are the same or different. I taught him how to hold his pencil properly, and have given myself a few lessons on how to make it fun and have reminded myself to be more patient.

So far, about fifteen minutes of workbook activity seems to be the right amount for Sam. He is quite fascinated with the pencil sharpener. I'm going to install one eventually upstairs on the wall.

I also want to pass along the great news that Sam is officially daytime potty trained, and most nighttime diapers come back dry in the mornings, so he's getting there as well. The treasure box system we implemented a month ago worked immediately, and he hasn't had an accident at school or at home in a long time. Here is a slinky he picked out of the treasure box the other day. We add to the treasure box off and on so there is always an element of mystery to the box. I was inspired to use this as a reward system from the treasure box at our dentist's office, which Sam was pretty excited to find out about. It's such a relief to move past washing out poopy underwear and the continual asking about whether or not he had to go. And the tantrums! There were many power struggles over going in the toilet! We had many adventures in potty training, and I could write a book about my experiences with Sam in this area, but now that it's done, it already seems like a distant memory. It's so funny how these experiences are so dominating in your life when they are happening, but then you look back one day and can hardly remember them at all.


Kelli said...

Your post is just what I needed to read today. I am attempting to be consistent with potty training the kids, and it is SO difficult some days. You reminded me that I will soon look back on this as something that is BEHIND me! I can't wait. :)

Jeremy said...

Great news on the potty training! I'm so glad you found something that worked!

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