A Beautiful October Day

Sunday, October 26, 2008
Days as beautiful as today don't come along too often here in Portland. The sun was warm, a gentle breeze was blowing, and leaves fell from the trees all day long, making scraping sounds as they moved across the sidewalks and streets. I felt happy all day long, spending the first half of the day reading my book at one of my favorite coffee shops, Blue Joe's in Lake Oswego.

Pumpkins from last weekend's excursion to Sauvie Island await carving on our stone bench.

I spotted these Canadian geese starting their Southern migration.

I drank two of these iced vanilla lattes while catching up on reading for book-club tomorrow night (Craig Lesley's "Burning Fence").

I sat at this table for three hours reading.

I walked through these leaves.

I made this tomato soup, sliced up some rosemary and olive bread, and drank this glass of red wine for dinner.

Good dinner, beautiful day--can you really ask for anything more?


Annagrace said...

Beautiful. And it WAS a lovely, lovely day...

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