And With Fall in Portland Comes the Rain

Friday, October 03, 2008

A couple of weeks ago, we had a major downpour for about twenty minutes, that sent rivers of dirt sailing from our steep banks to the sidewalk, and caused our gutters, which are full of fall leaves, to overflow. Last night, just before friends arrived for the debate party we hosted, a similar rain shower struck, but unfortunately this time, it caught Landon, Sam, and Juni off-guard as they were just returning from a walk as I finished last-minute food preparations for the debate party. The three of them arrived back drenched to the skin, and Landon's new SLR and 18-200mm lens was unfortunately soaked as well (looks like the camera and lens will be okay). I'm not sure if Landon will start carrying the camera case with him wherever he goes, but this experience does prove that you can never be too prepared.


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