These Days

Friday, September 05, 2008
I've always loved wearing both of my kids, and it's really helped me to establish lasting memories of them at this age. Landon got this little necklace for me at Pickathon this summer, and Juniper plays with it constantly when I carry her around in the ERGO. I never want to forget this summer, when she played with my necklace in her chubby little fingers. My "Summer 2008 Necklace" will always remind me of Juniper.

And the days where an outing to Finnegan's Toys captures the imagination and awe of this little boy and girl are days that I know won't last forever.

So I write, we take pictures (mostly Landon, these days), and remind myself to live in the present, mindfully aware that days like these won't last for long, and when they're gone, I'll miss them.

Oh, will I miss them.


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