A Sunday with our Family

Sunday, September 21, 2008
After you read this post, you might feel as though you spent your Sunday with us. Now wouldn't that have been fun?

It all started around 7AM this morning, when Juni stirred, and within minutes, the house was awake and another day had begun. I hopped into the shower before even drinking down a cup of coffee, and headed out the door to spend a few hours in Lake Oswego at a favorite coffee shop to get caught up on reading for book-club on Monday. While I was away, and while little Miss Juniper slept for over two hours during her morning nap, Sam and Landon pulled out the Sculpey supplies and got to work on creating some new characters for his collection.

After spending some time with Sculpey, and while they baked in the oven, Landon and Sam played a game of Candyland.

Before they knew it, I was home from reading, and we all got into the car and drove to New Seasons for lunch.

We were so tired after eating that we decided we needed to get our blood flowing, so we parked the car in the Goosehollow neighborhood, and set out for a walk. This old Portland home made me think of this neighborhood's history, the tree made me wonder how many children have played in this yard and how many pedestrian's have admired its beauty, and the leaves in the yard made me feel happy about welcoming fall.

Samuel shouted, "Wait, Mommy!" Landon stopped frequently to take pictures, and Sam was rather zealous about keeping our family together on this walk.

This Portland home makes me think of the many places there must be inside to escape to. I like spacious houses with places to escape to. Must be all those years of growing up as the oldest of five children, always sharing a room, even to this day . . .

Old Portland neighborhood, old American car.

Sam and I ran up these steps to see where they led. The steps to nowhere, just like the bridge to nowhere. Just kidding. They led to a small green space, but there wasn't even a bench there to sit on. Since there wasn't a merry-go-round, Sam turned around and headed back down, but not before Landon snapped this photo.

These two houses stand so close that their gutters touch at one point towards the back. I always loved the idea of opening a window and chatting with a neighbor from their own window. Makes me think of old movies. Of course, touching gutters might be a little too close for comfort.

As I mentioned, we walked around in the Goosehollow neighborhood, and here we are, heading back to our car already.

We parked near this building, which has two condos for sale for $999,999.00, if you're interested.

We came home and Juni and Landon laid down for a nap. I turned on a movie for Sam, and dozed off myself for a few minutes. Within forty minutes, Landon came back downstairs with Juniper and was off to play his fiddle at a session in Sellwood. While he was away, the kids played and I caught up on many loads of laundry. While folding laundry, I was impressed with Juniper's skills with this toy. She moved it back and forth with her hands. What a smart little girl.

Doing laundry means packing both kids down to the basement. I strap Juniper in an extra umbrella stroller down there, and Sam hides in this laundry basket, which I picked up many years ago in Seattle at Folk Life. He never tires of the game, where I ask loudly and with a little panic in my voice, "Where's Samuel?" to which he pops up and says, "Here I am!"

Then it's back down for another round. Oh, it's such a fun and interesting game, and one which I always participate in but inwardly wish we didn't have to play quite so many times in a row.

The laundry was done, Landon came home, Sam and Juniper fell asleep, and we watched an episode of "The Wire" before I also fell asleep. Tomorrow night is book-club, I only have sixty more pages to read of Never Let Me Go and I plan to finish reading those tomorrow while Juniper takes her morning nap and Sam is at preschool. It's such a good book with such beautiful imagery. I haven't been able to put it down, which is good, because I waited until the last minute to read it, and technically, if I want to get it read, I can't really put it down.

And so another weekend has come to a close and a new week is about to begin. I can't really end this blog post without mentioning the incredible downpour we experienced here in Portland this afternoon. It was like a mini flash flood, and because our gutters are full of leaves right now, we had quite the river of dirt and barkdust flowing down our banks and onto the sidewalk from overflowing gutters, which I must clean up tomorrow at some point. The laundry might be caught up, but there are still other chores to attend to. I've long since given up on attempting to feel like my work here at home is ever complete.

This blog post doesn't seem to want to end, so because it's time to go pick up Sam from preschool, I must place a period at the end of this sentence, hit publish, and walk away--there will be time for blogging later.


Claudia said...

I really-really like the first two houses!! I LOVE older homes!! They have soooooo much character!

I love seeing my grandkids!! Sam looks so cute3 in the basket!! I remember playing that with you kids....over and over!! Such fun times -- that are gone for me other than with grandkids but you will look back and think how much fun it was and how you miss it.
I liked feeling like I spent the day with you ~ but I would rather SPEND the day with you!!

I have been in a lot of pain from my feet .... but I am hoping each day will get better. The one foot where the bone was cut and a
pin was put it in is the one that hurts the worst! My thumb hurts a little but not like my foot, which is surprising because they put a pin in it also.

I love you Honey!

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