Reading, Alberta Street Festival, and Celebrating Mike's Birthday

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Juniper and Sam played in the backyard with Landon this morning while I read at a local coffee shop. It's taking a lot of planning to schedule time to read these days. Juniper loved playing in the water while I was away. Doesn't her hair look auburn in the sun?

I finally found a water soaker Sam could manage on his own (thanks for the idea, Stefanie!), and he often plays with this when we get the pool out.

The kids were so entertaining a blue jay came by to watch.

And all the while our compost bin sat steaming in the sun.

Once I got back from my two hour excursion to the coffee shop, we left to head down to the Alberta Street Fair to walk around for awhile before heading to SE to meet Landon's parents for dinner to celebrate his Dad's 55th birthday. We stopped on the way to get him a gift--something he enjoys on occasion but never buys for himself--cigars. We also pitched in on a nice bottle of Scotch.

Good old "Tobacco Town." I must admit, I cringed a little stopping here.

Ahhh, but then we were at Bella Faccia's on Alberta for a pizza lunch. I still swear they have the best pizza in town. Love that place!

There were many interesting people at the Alberta Street Fair.

So we ate our pizza and watched interesting people pass by on the sidewalk.

Love their pizza!

Friends of Trees had a booth, with a person in costume, which captured the interest of both Sam and Juniper. If you're interested in helping to organize a tree planting in your neighborhood, this organization is the place to call. They're so friendly and will diligently work with you no matter what your particular situation.

Free balloons! Even though balloons are a guaranteed heartbreak, we still let Sam go through the experience. What draws children to balloons? They fly away, they pop . . . but still, he goes after them time and time again.

Alberta Street Fair--though this one wasn't Sam's, notice the orange balloon flying up into the sky?

Alberta Arts--such beautiful, creative, and talented individuals make up this community. These people inspire and encourage me to be more creative and imaginative.

There was music up and down Alberta Street. I really liked this band, and liked how casual the backup vocalist was that he could manage his dog on a leash and sing at the same time. Isn't the dress on the fiddler pretty? I thought so.

Here is another band, although I didn't stop and listen to this one. Landon said they were good.

There was a parade! Lots of Obama support up and down Alberta Street, and the parade was no exception.

We stopped and watched the parade. Juniper is at the wriggly stage where she wants to be put down all the time so she can crawl around. Not a good idea on a city street. By the end of the parade, I was ready for some more coffee.

The stylists of Spank! Hair Salon were in the parade. I don't think we got any pictures, but I liked the cross-dresser.

Call Spank! to meet all your hairdressing needs. Owned by Mitch Bridon, they're "spanking the ugly out of Portland."

I thought Sam would be more interested in the stilt walkers, but it could be that right around that time a few people in the parade tossed candy to the kids. Sam said, "Mommy, I'm happy, because I like candy, and now I have candy."

We had a great time at the Alberta Street Fair, and later we had a delicious dinner at Ya Hala in celebration of Mike's 55th. I snuck back and let our waitress know it was his birthday (actually tomorrow to be exact), and she brought him a slice of baklava, which he shared with all of us. Love baklava almost as much as Bella Faccia's pizza!

Not bad for a Saturday in September.


Betsy said...

Karli I love reading your posts! You are a talented, very entertaining writer, and I could sit and read your blog for hours on end! Keep up the good work!

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