Portland Pirate Festival

Saturday, September 20, 2008

I've heard about the Portland Pirate Festival off and on over the years, so we decided to buy tickets and attend after realizing we didn't have anything planned for this weekend. Since it was so last-minute, all my little boy had to wear was a sole eye patch, which I soon discovered was hardly adequate after seeing the elaborate pirate costumes. I never knew there was a thriving pirate subculture in Portland, but after attending this festival, it became evident that we have pirates in our midst.

Dragon Theater Puppets put on some great puppet shows. Samuel was transfixed on the characters, and sat (well, stood) in the front row. He wanted to make sure he didn't miss anything, and it was difficult to keep him seated.

The music at the festival was good, but there could have been more! This band was called Golden Bough. I enjoyed this band. We were excited to see Captain Bogg and Salty again after seeing them perform at Pickathon, but unfortunately, the sound was much too loud to the point where it was uncomfortable to listen to the band even from a distance.

As I said, the pirate costumes were quite elaborate. During one of the musical performances, one of the band members asked the crowd for a show of hands for those that dress like pirates every day. When I checked out some of the people that raised their hands (it was scary how many people raised their hands to that question), I could tell that those people probably did dress like that every day.

There was a cannon battle show that stopped my heart a couple of times.

There was a strange attraction where you could pay $40.00 for a haircut from a pirate, and there was seating for an audience.

I haven't seen Earl and the Reggae Allstars since my days of hanging out at Biddy McGraw's, but here they were, performing at the Portland Pirate Festival. Looks like they had quite the audience.

Belly dancers on stage with Earl.

Jim Rich, professional blacksmith, who " . . . provided the tools in the blacksmith shop scene from "Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl" and forged the knives carried by the pirates, including Jack Sparrow, for all three films." Read more about him on the Portland Pirate Festival website.

Loved these lovely ladies' costumes, although I wasn't quite able to get the picture I was hoping for. Landon and I still haven't quite figured out how to take pictures of strangers without feeling awkward about it.

Some young pirates listening to music at the Crow's Nest Stage.

More costumes. Wish I could have taken more pictures. They were all pretty amazing.

Here is a picture of Jason Ropp, professional puppeteer and owner of Dragon Theater Puppets. Hire him to do a puppet show for your child's next birthday party!

There's my boy, standing up in the front row. He loved those puppets. Maybe we'll attend again next year. Meanwhile, I'll be on the lookout for pirates in our midst.


Claudia said...

Wow!!! I bet that Samuel just had a blast on Saturday. Does he want to be a pirate when he grows up??

Not my thing ~ but hey, I'm not a boy.

Unknown said...

What a fabulous recap of your experience!

I stumbled across your blog looking for pictures of the event, and you kind of have one of me! I'm off to the right in the picture above the caption about trying to take pictures of strangers without being awkward.

Believe me, when you dress up in a costume that cost that much money and that much time, you're practically begging people to take pictures. All you really need to do is ask if you can take someone's picture and they're usually more than willing to oblige!

I hope you had a great time and come next year! It was a fabulous day :D

Beetles and Bees said...

How funny! I'm glad you found my blog and the picture! If only I'd had the confidence to ask, this picture could have been much better! Did you have fun? You guys looked beautiful!


Anonymous said...

Avvast ye scurvy dogs!

We Piratical types go about in such attire exactly to attract photographic attention. So in 2009 feel free to snap away. Though in truth tis better to photo the adults and not the kids without their parents permish.

Capn' Grimstock

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