Night Out

Saturday, September 06, 2008
For the first time since Juniper's birth, I've been able to leave her for two or three hours at a time with Landon, and time after time, soon after I leave, she buries her face in Landon's chest and puts herself to sleep, which is how she has learned to cope with separation anxiety. My friend Miriam, who is expecting her second daughter in a few weeks, invited me a few nights ago to meet her and her husband Alex at Biddy McGraw's, and since I haven't been down there since probably before I got pregnant with Sam, I decided to treat myself to a night out (even if a night out these days is really only two hours away from home, it still feels like a night out to me--gone, long gone, are the days where a night out was 10PM to 3AM).

When I got home, the kids were peacefully sleeping together. Landon does such a great job. I could never get her to fall asleep like this, but she's a different baby when I'm not around. And I love that she's so peaceful when I'm away--it makes me realize just how securely attached she really is, and that means that I've done my job well, which makes me feel good.

But she isn't always so peaceful. Here's a shot of Juniper in sheer anger when Landon took away a toy she'd found somewhere that was too small for her to be putting in her mouth. I think it might have actually been a bottle cap, darn things, and she found it somewhere on the floor and was thoroughly enjoying the taste of it when her mean Daddy took it right out of her mouth. She didn't hesitate to express herself, either!

Sigh, so I scooped her up and nursed her on the couch, and before she knew it, she fell fast asleep, forgetting all about that bottle cap. Nothing is better than being with her Mommy, anyway.


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