Landon's 29th Birthday

Thursday, September 04, 2008
My dear husband Landon turned 29 today, and it's hard to believe that it was nine years ago that I first saw him on that fall night at Biddy McGraw's, playing his fiddle while a packed out house danced the night away. Sharla and I had been across the street renting a movie, and when I heard the music and saw the dancing, I couldn't resist crossing the street to peek my head inside the door, even though I'd never been in a bar before that night. The first time I saw him, it was like a moment of recognition, like I'd known him all along. Not long after that night, we were inseparable, and were married three years later.

Because I love him so much, I bought him exactly what I knew he wanted, but wouldn't buy for himself--a Nikon 18-200mm lens for his new D-40 SLR.

He was so happy when he opened it that it brought a few tears to my eyes, although I'm still not sure if it wasn't the bright sun that was making them water. That's what I told Landon, anyway.

Landon brought the box into the house and opened it up, and he was still smiling.

Sam and I were pretty proud of ourselves for picking out such a great gift. Amazon said it wouldn't arrive until the 11th, so imagine my delight when, while I was outside this very morning on his birthday, the mailman handed me the box that contained Landon's birthday gift. Timing just doesn't get much better than that. Sam and I hid it in the basement and wrapped it when Landon wasn't looking.

Landon thanked Sam for such a fine gift.

Soon after Landon opened his new lens, we left to meet his parents for a Japanese lunch. It was delicious, and because Sam has watched The Little Traveler's Japan DVD, he was eager to try new foods. The Little Travelers, Chantelle and Nakia, were able to accomplish what I never could--convince Sam to try something at least once. By the way, if you've never heard of The Little Travelers, their DVD's are wonderful. In fact, their DVD's have inspired me to begin taking video of the kids again, and I'm hoping to learn how to use video editing software to compile footage creatively one day soon.

After lunch, Landon wanted to walk up to Mt. Tabor so he could take pictures. I didn't walk up with them, but had a nice visit with Jody, then drove up and met them about 40 minutes later. Here are Landon's parents walking with Sam to the park on Mt. Tabor.

Landon's Mom and Sam's Grandma Susan, watching Sam play at the park.

Here is Landon with his parents, Susan and Mike. A lot of people say Landon looks just like Mike, but I can see a lot of his Mom in him, too.

Juniper and I finally met up with the group.

Juniper with Landon and grandparents Mike and Susan.

Ahhh, Landon caught me thinking about giving my Mom a call. I think I might have actually pressed send had I not been interrupted, which is usually the case.

We let Sam play up on Mt. Tabor for a couple of hours, then headed back to Mike and Susan's for a little while so they could give Landon a present for his birthday, and we were also hoping to avoid traffic and head back home around 6:30PM. They keep some toys at their house for Sam and Juni to play with when they come over.

Yes, everything goes in the mouth.

We came home just in time to sing Landon "Happy Birthday" (I can't carry a tune!), eat some chocolate cake, and put Sam to bed. Landon kept saying today what a nice birthday he was having. It was one of those days where everything turned out just right, making his 29th one of his best birthdays ever. Happy Birthday, Landon! Love, Karli

Happy Birthday also to my friends Jen Williams and Jen Taylor, who were also born on September the 4th!


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