Juniper--9 Months

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My beautiful little girl turns 9 months old today.

She had a 9 month check-up this morning with her pediatrician, and while she waited, she kept a close eye on my whereabouts.

She watched traffic move across the Ross Island Bridge, and clapped her hands happily.

But memories of her last doctor's appointment came flooding back as soon as I put her down on the all to familiar paper on the scale. I think she thought she might be getting shots again, but since I declined the flu shot and iron test, she didn't receive any shots today.

On her 9 month birthday she weighs 19lbs. 13 oz., which puts her in the 69th percentile for weight, and she's in the 92nd percentile for height. In the past few weeks, she has started pointing, clapping her hands, and saying "mama," "dada," and "bye-bye." She's starting to cruise along the furniture, and is getting stronger and more sure on her feet daily.

She takes one long morning nap and a short afternoon nap. Lately, she's been waking up around 2 or 3AM and wants to get up and play. She's gradually getting more interested in food, but so far, she's still pretty much exclusively breastfeeding.

Juniper is a happy baby, aside from cutting three top teeth in the past two weeks--we love her so much! Happy 9 months, little girl!


Claudia said...

All of the pictures of little cutie pie are so cute but I really like the top one!!
She is growing up so fast!!

Claudia said...

I love looking at the pictures of her ~~~ she is so precious!!!

I am so happy they are my grandchildren!!!

Love you June-bug and Sam Boy!!

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