Go Obama!

Friday, September 26, 2008

I had a few friends over tonight to watch the first Presidential debate. I enjoyed hosting and discussing politics with friends--it was a fun evening. If you are interested in attending a watch party, you can go to either candidate's website, where you will find a link to a list of watch parties in your neighborhood. It's important for people to rally together during this time! There are many environmental, economic, and social issues at stake in this election, not to mention the war in Iraq and the need for renewing American diplomacy and international relations.

This election is an important one. If you aren't registered to vote, you still have a couple weeks to do so at RocktheVote.com. The registration deadline in the state of Oregon is Tuesday, October 14th, and you can register or update your address in person, online, or by mail. If you've had a change of address, this must be updated, because ballots are not forwardable, and in the state of Oregon, voting is done by mail.

Last but not least, be an informed voter. Read about the candidates and their positions on the issues at their websites. Don't believe what you read in e-mail forwards or see on campaign ads. Use primary sources when doing your research on the candidates. To verify anything and everything political during this election season, go to politifact.com.

And because I agree that this was one of Obama's strongest moments in the debate, I've included this video, which was edited for The Huffington Post:


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