Cleaning Gutters

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I worked on our gutters for awhile this evening, as our gutters overflowed quite a bit during our recent downpour. Even though the leaves have only just begun to fall, our gutters are already full. Usually, we clean them about three times in the fall, with the final cleaning being in December, once the last leaves have fallen from their branches. I need to call and get a professional roof cleaner out here as well. We have two overhanging oak trees, so we now have moss on our roof which needs to be treated. The pitch on our roof is too steep for us to get up there safely. I already get nervous enough around the power lines with our ladder. The last two estimates I got on our roof were several hundred dollars, and that seems a bit high to me. I must shop around--one more thing to add to my growing list of chores to accomplish this week.


Anonymous said...

Karli- zinc strips along the roof lines! non-toxic and when it rains the zinc rolls off and kills the moss. power washing your roof can actually shorten the life of your roof (per our roofer and good friend). good luck w/ this one!!


Beetles and Bees said...

We actually do have zinc strips that were up there when we moved in, but they're no longer working. I wonder how long they work effectively? They worked for the first two years we lived here!

Anonymous said...


Please check this out:

Best regards, and please be careful!


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