Cannon Beach

Sunday, September 14, 2008

We didn't have plans for today until Landon noticed it was going to be 80 at Cannon Beach, so we all packed into the car this morning and drove the 90 minute drive to our favorite beach.

It was a little windy at first, but by 2PM, it was hot and sunny.

This picture was taken around noon, when it was still windy. I forgot my sweatshirt, so I wore Landon's. Trying to catch up on a little reading for book-club, although Juniper didn't let me read for too long.

There were lots of families and kids at the beach, and Sam played happily for five hours straight.

Landon gladly gave up his sweatshirt to make me more comfortable, but I could tell he was a little cold the first hour or so we were there.

I didn't think Juniper would like the water, but she did. There is a little stream at Cannon Beach that flows into the ocean, and it's the perfect depth for small kids.

My funny little girl--she ended up ingesting some sand, and I think we brought enough Oregon beach sand home with us to make a small sandbox in the backyard.

A small boy on a big beach, slowly making his way to the car after a long day of playing in the sand.


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