Spending the Last Afternoon in September with Sam in the Garden

Tuesday, September 30, 2008
We had several errands to run this morning, which meant Juniper didn't get her morning nap. It all paid off this afternoon, however, when she slept for a couple of hours, allowing Sam and I to head outside for some more time in the garden. I couldn't have been more proud when the first thing Sam wanted to do was put on his gardening gloves.

Coreopsis is a longtime favorite perennial of mine in the garden that blooms heavily all summer long.

Sam often likes me to cut branches from one of our Salix shrubs, which he endlessly waves around while I work. He must have tired out at some point, because when Landon took this picture, he was laying on the sidewalk with them.

Butterfly bushes, or Buddleja davidii, are pretty, but are classified as a noxious weed in Oregon and Washington. Well, this noxious weed gets much biannual pruning and staking attention from me. Noxious weed or not, it makes a nice addition to the garden, although I do wish it would grow a little less vigorously. Weeds are a state of mind anyway, aren't they?

I enjoy cleaning up the garden for the fall season as much as I enjoy watching all my perennials spring to life after winter. It's a good feeling to clean up after the growing season, spread compost in time for winter, and wait for another cycle of plant life to begin.

I mentioned how much I love Gaura yesterday. Landon took another picture, so I couldn't resist posting it. It looks great with two large Hebe bushes with lavender blooms that are in the same bed.

Another favorite in my garden, and something I'd like to grow more of, is Penstemon, which is a native, evergreen perennial of North America, and, interestingly enough, its roots were used by Native Americans to treat toothaches. Penstemon is a hardy perennial that has long-lasting blooms, which provide a continuous supply of cut flowers. Like Coreopsis, it is good for naturalizing the garden and gives it a woodsy feel.

I have lots of random pots around the yard and in our basement that I try to place around the garden with various plants and groundcovers. This one was in our basement when we moved to this house, and has a curious shape.

There are the gloved hands belonging to my little three year-old gardener, Sam. I hope to spend many more afternoons in the garden with him as time goes by.


Jeremy said...

You're gardening always inspires me Karli. I love how much you get out and do and it always looks beautiful. Sam's garden gloves are great!

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