What is the Good Life?

Monday, August 25, 2008

No Impact Man wrote a blog entry today that is so good that instead of writing a blog entry about how I've been working all day taking care of Sam (who isn't feeling too well) and picking up after Juni (who is a human cyclone around here these days) all while preparing for book-club, which I'm hosting tonight for Eat, Pray, Love, complete with chianti, raita and naan, and an Indonesian dessert, I will leave you with a link to his post "Redefining the good life while saving the planet," which impacted me quite a lot for a man who calls himself the "No Impact Man."

My favorite quote from his post is:

And one thing I think is that the true good life might actually mean less stuff, fewer working hours to buy the stuff but a lot more leisure time.

That might mean fewer of us would have our own boats and jet skis, but more of us would know how to play guitar and make great art.

I couldn't agree more, No Impact Man. I couldn't agree more.


Kelli said...

Thanks for the link. I loved his post - so good! I forwarded it to my mom, who loved it as well.

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