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Sunday, August 10, 2008
We had a great time in Sunriver, but it was already time to head home. We were packing up and loading the car, and Juniper was busy with a job of her own--making bird food! It all started with some leftover bread in a box on the floor and my little crawler couldn't resist getting into it. Juniper owes her Nana and Papa a new loaf of bread.

It didn't take long to get the car packed, and before we knew it, we were on the road. We drove to Sunriver through the North Santiam Pass, but decided to go home over Mount Hood and make a few stops along the way. My Dad suggested Crooked River and Smith Rock, and to be honest, I don't know if I've seen a more beautiful place. We are planning to return in another month or two and do some hiking there.

The Crooked River winds its way beneath the steep faces of Smith Rock.

Viewing Smith Rock and wondering if we should walk down to the river or not. We opted to come back another time when we were more prepared.

It would have been so nice to hike down to the water and beyond. We can't wait to come back again.

Juniperus grows abundantly in central Oregon. I spent many summers as a child in central Oregon on family vacations in Sunriver, which is another reason I named this little girl peaking out of the ERGO "Juniper."

Samuel really wanted to hike down to the Crooked River, but remained in good spirits, even though we instead hiked back to the car.

These hikers were on their way to the top of Smith Rock, a hike we hope to do in the future without the kids.

Our next stop brought us to a deer that had unfortunately been hit by a car and was being eaten by a flock of vultures. They were interesting and ugly to look at, and were back up in the sky soaring above before we could snap a picture of them. Sam was fascinated by it all and keeps requesting that we go back to "that deer."

We stopped again at Trillium Lake, where Miss Juniper was in need of a diaper change.

She wasn't too happy with me for changing her diaper on this stump with the sun slightly in her eyes. Poor little girl and the trials she must endure as an eight-month old (she turned 8 months old today!).

Trillium Lake is a beautiful place, and even though you can't tell from this picture, it's unfortunately a little too crowded for my taste.

Mount Hood is such a fertile place. Plants even grow on rocks in the lake.

Trillium Lake

The water sparkled in the sun.

Shortly after leaving Trillium Lake, we rounded a corner on Hwy 26 and traffic came to a complete stop. We sat for about twenty minutes without moving before we realized traffic was no longer coming from the opposite direction. Not having access to any information, we decided the highway was most likely shut down due to a wreck, and not knowing how long it would remain that way, decided to drive the extra fifty miles and turn around to take Hwy 35 to Hood River. It was a highway we would never have traveled on otherwise, and it was a beautiful drive. We descended into the Hood River Valley around 5PM, and stopped at the Draper Girls Country Farm, a farm I'd wanted to go to in July for cherry picking, but didn't get to because Juniper came down with Roseola.

My friend Andrea told me about this swing when they came here as a family in July. It was a nice swing, and Sam thought so, too.

It was big enough for the three of us.

There was a beautiful garden on the property.

The garden was so beautiful with the Mount Hood National Forest all around us.

Juniper loves riding up on Landon's shoulders.

More interesting than that swing was feeding this turkey blades of grass. Sam hung out here for about twenty minutes before we got back on the road.

He didn't leave the hens out. He fed them, too.

Landon took most of the pictures on this trip. I still have a lot to learn about our new camera, but I still manage to take a few good ones here and there.

Juniper waves "bye-bye" now. I'm not sure if she was waving or reaching out for me, but it's super cute nonetheless.

The leaning barn next to the chicken coop.

I nursed Juniper in the orchard at the farm while Sam fed the chickens.

After I nursed her, she sat on the grass and made lots of cute expressions.

Happy baby.

We stopped in Sandy for a delicious dinner of chicken & dumplings at Tad's Chicken & Dumplings, a restaurant we've wanted to eat at for years after first seeing it when hanging out with some friends along the Sandy River. Shortly after that, it was written up in Martha Stewart Living. It was really good, and hit the spot after a long day of traveling in the car.

We left Sunriver at 10:30AM this morning, and didn't get home until nearly 9PM. I found out what caused the traffic jam on Hwy 26--a three car accident that seriously injured fourteen people and shut the Hwy 26 down in both directions for several hours. I'm so glad we decided to turn back and take Hwy 35 over to Hood River. We had a nice time at the farm, and a good dinner at Tad's. It was a long, fun, and adventurous day--we're so glad to be home!

Happy 88th Birthday to my Grandma Ruth and her twin sister Esther!


Anonymous said...

Karli....first of all, did you know that I hiked Smith Rock a long time ago. I love that place!! AND...I love love love the pictures! Those kids kill me with how cute they are!

Beetles and Bees said...

No, Tracy, I didn't know that, but now we'll have to talk to you all about it! I can't wait to hear about your hike there. I pretty much haven't seen anything that beautiful in a long time!

Amy said...

Karli, those pictures of you and Juniper in front of the sunflowers are TOO precious!

Kerrie said...

Karli, I so agree with Amy. The pictures of you and Juniper in front of the sunflowers are my favorite!

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