Sunriver and Bike Riding

Thursday, August 07, 2008
We're heading to Sunriver today, so last night, Landon got our bikes ready. You can't go to Sunriver and not ride bikes . . . bike riding is pretty much what Sunriver is all about!

Sam seemed interested in understanding how the Burley is attached to Landon's bike.

I smiled for this picture, but once Landon left with the kids, I shed a tear or two. Seeing Juniper in Sam's old baby helmet really made me see just how quickly she has passed from babyhood to toddlerhood. She's such a big girl, now!

I didn't have too much confidence that Juniper would enjoy sitting in the Burley with Samuel while wearing a bike helmet, but I was pleasantly surprised--she loved it!

Landon took them for a short test ride up to Fulton to pick blackberries, and they had a great time, and even spotted a deer.

We love biking as a family, but haven't been able to ride this summer, mainly because Juniper was too little for it. We could have put her in a bike seat attachment, but I didn't feel this was a safe option, so we waited until she was big enough for the Burley. It's going to be great to start going out for bike rides again!

Now, off to Sunriver!


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