Return of Summer

Friday, August 22, 2008
I'm not quite sure why summer left in the first place, but I'm starting to wonder if summer doesn't like Portland all that much. I'm starting to think of summer as a flaky friend on whom I can't depend. We only get about six to eight weeks (if we're lucky) of consistent sun each summer as it is, so when it rains in July for two weeks (like last summer) or in August for a week (like this summer), it makes for a very short summer indeed. But I won't complain, lest I scare summer, my fair-weather friend, away for good. I'm still holding out hope for a summery September and October, with bright, sunny, and cool days--perfect weather for picking out pumpkins and watching dry, crispy leaves scrape their way down dry and dusty streets.

UrbanMamas declared summer a wrap more than a week ago, but I'm not letting go of her just yet. And to prove she's still around, just look at that blue sky and those beautiful cumulus clouds.

The 3rd Annual Ice Cream Social at our local community center was a lot of fun, and always a great opportunity to meet neighbors and make new friends in the community. This year, it also held some disappointment for Samuel, who was an inch too short to climb the rock roll, which he was very much looking forward to. He was all set, close-toed shoes and all. Maybe next summer.

There was a strange dance at the social, complete with ancient garb, flowers, and ribbons. We weren't too sure about its origins or place in history at ice cream socials, but we watched anyway.

Still a little chilly this evening from the recent rainstorm (in August!), Juniper wore a sweatshirt along with some pants handed down from Penelope--they just barely fit around those chubby thighs of hers, but she seems to like them just fine--thank-you!

Samuel chased around three brothers (sons of one very busy Portland Mama who also had a daughter around Juniper's age). He was so worn out that when we got home, he fell asleep very quickly.

Juniper sat on the grass mostly, clapping her hands and pointing at her brother. She was also especially interested in the little sister of the brothers that Samuel was playing with and I even caught her sucking on this other baby's foot. I guess that's a sign that you're a friend of Juniper these days--if she sucks on your foot. We love our Juniper!


Claudia said...

Very cute pictures of you and the kids Karli!!

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