Recycling Aluminum Foil

Monday, August 11, 2008
At Pickathon, I learned from Portland Metro about a material that can be recycled curbside in the Portland area that I didn't know about--aluminum foil! We don't use it very often in our house, but at certain times of the year when I do a lot of baking, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, we go through quite a lot.

It's easy--all you have to do is clean it,

lightly crumple it,

and throw in your recycling bin with other metals, plastic, and paper.

I also learned about 100% recycled aluminum, which uses only 5% of the energy it takes to make regular aluminum foil. I don't have the environmentally friendly aluminum foil right now (note Fred Meyer brand above), but plan to buy some when we run out. It's good to know that aluminum can be recycled again and again!


Jeremy said...

I didn't know that! Thanks for the great information!

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