Playing Candyland with Sam

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I played Candyland with Sam this afternoon. He likes to skip ahead, sift through the cards for the ones with the "girl," and when I won the game by chance, he immediately moved his guy (blue) to the finish line and declared "blue" was the winner, too. For me, the challenge of this game is teaching him how to follow the rules and play fairly. Having said that, I can't help but laugh at how easily he bends the rules (or completely disregards them) to ensure he wins. I think we need to play games more often in our family. It's a great source of entertainment and works the mind, unlike other sources of entertainment like computers and television.

Speaking of entertainment, Sam released his butterflies and caterpillars into our garden, the last ant in his ant farm finally died (this one sole ant outlived all the other ants by a month!), and although Daisy the crawfish lives happily on in her aquatic paradise, he received a new pet this week. Meet Blackie (named by Sam) the moor fish:


Claudia said...

So much fun for Samuel!!!!
I wish I would of had a childhood like that when I was growing up!!!
Nothing even remotely close!!

He will have SOOOOOO MANY fun memories!
Love you,

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